A wallet for every occasion

Wallet, belt, shoes…

When you dress to impress, coordinating your accessories can be just as refined as the clothes you wear.  That means if you’re wearing a nice outfit, slacks, button up shirt and dress shoes, your belt, wallet and shoes should coordinate.  I have started carrying a very simple card wallet, it holds an ID, driver license and a credit/debit card or two.  In this technological age, I seldom carry cash and this wallet is small and compact enough to fit in a front pocket without looking bulky.

I also have some simple bifold wallets in multiple colors, and leather types

And sometimes, you just need a good wallet to hold your entire life…lol.  A long wallet (commonly termed biker or trucker wallet) will do the trick.  Room for cards, cash, receipts, and who knows what else.

So no matter what the occasion, or desired function, there’s a wallet out there for you.  I would be happy to provide a quality product to carry your world.