A wallet for every occasion

Wallet, belt, shoes…

When you dress to impress, coordinating your accessories can be just as refined as the clothes you wear.  That means if you’re wearing a nice outfit, slacks, button up shirt and dress shoes, your belt, wallet and shoes should coordinate.  I have started carrying a very simple card wallet, it holds an ID, driver license and a credit/debit card or two.  In this technological age, I seldom carry cash and this wallet is small and compact enough to fit in a front pocket without looking bulky.

I also have some simple bifold wallets in multiple colors, and leather types

And sometimes, you just need a good wallet to hold your entire life…lol.  A long wallet (commonly termed biker or trucker wallet) will do the trick.  Room for cards, cash, receipts, and who knows what else.

So no matter what the occasion, or desired function, there’s a wallet out there for you.  I would be happy to provide a quality product to carry your world.

What sparked your interest in leather working… Part 1

One of the questions I am most often asked is “how did you get started in, or what made you want to do leather work?

Growing up I enjoyed drawing and playing music. I was never what you would call gifted at either but it was something that I found relaxing. I had tried a couple of sewing projects in a home economics class in high school and they didn’t turn out terrible, but I didn’t really enjoy the project kit feel of it, similar to pine box racers…I preferred a blank sheet of paper to start.

The first time I decided to try leather work I bought a little kit at a Tandy leather store, I think it had a coaster, and a key fob and some tools and dyes. I didn’t really care pick it up then, it was interesting but the kit was designed to put something together that looked like what was in the box…

A few years later another passion led me back to the leather store, my 2011 Harley Davidson Ultra. I was not a fan of all the chrome and had started moving to black powder coated parts, but the highway/crash bars were expensive to swap out purely for aesthetics. I decided instead to wrap them with some black chap leather and snaps. This lasted a year or so until I noticed the leather was really getting weathered so I decided to get something more sturdy. I went in and got a side of veg tanned leather, it was 6/7oz and on sale so that and one the the wooden strap cutters and a couple bottles of spirit dye and off I went. I made long strips and dyed them to compliment the color scheme of the bike. Then braided the leather onto the bars, complete with Spanish ring knots and Turk head knots ( YouTube) is your friend for learning such techniques.

Once I was complete I felt a great sense of accomplishment, and had saved a considerable amount of money, and had a fairly good sized piece of leather left… Lol. The best part was, it was mine, I could’ve put the black bars on and called it a day, with far less effort, but it was worth it to me for the process let me be creative with the look of the bike.(pics below)

More from the last few months…

So, I’ve been plugging away at the leather biz, Christmas was not as busy as expected but the new year brought new blessings. A few messenger bags, shave kits, wallets, and padfolios and field notes covers. Here’s a few pics to see what I’ve been up to lateley.

I’m also pleased to announce I am a new distributor for Colorado Leather Balm, good for leather….good for you. Contact me if you have questions about what a moisturizing, protective effect can do for your leather, new or old.

Blue Falcon Leather-Journey’s Beginning

My first leather project…wrapping the highway bars for a 2011 HD Ultra

Welcome to the first post at Blue Falcon Leather.  When I started leather working I knew I found a hobby that would turn into a passion.  For the last four years I have been studying, practicing techniques to further my craftsmanship.  I invite you to follow along this journey and look forward to your comments.